Relaxing deeply
silent touch

Find inner peace… and a clear mind. Trager and rebalancing sessions bring your body and mind into a harmonious balance.

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no flow
no glow

When the movements and energies in your body flow harmoniously, your inner glow and the radiance of your uniqueness come to the fore.

This may take away your glow …

Physical symptoms

Chronic pain or tension, back pain, neck pain, etc.

Stress and tension

Severe stress or emotional strain and the search for inner peace

Imbalance in the body

Not being in tune with your body or feeling a disconnect between body and mind

Trager and rebalancing sessions
support an open heart,
a clear mind and
a free body

What a session can do for you

Release physical and emotional tension, deepen your breathing and change ingrained body movement patterns

Promotion of mobility and movement coordination as well as athletic performance

Strengthening joie de vivre, vitality and self-esteem, inner harmony and serenity

Improving posture, movement and self-expression

Feeling of lightness, freedom and natural uprightness

Deep relaxation and a sense of well-being lead to improved awareness

Dhyan Udo Keuper gives carrying sessions and rebalancing
Dhyan Udo Keuper is a body therapist
with 40 years of experience in body therapy
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Good to know

A session lasts
60 – 70 minutes or
90 – 100 minutes

I take time for you and your situation. I am happy to bring my experience with nutritional supplements, meditation techniques and Mentastics (a kind of homework) into the sessions.

Before a session, your wishes and needs are discussed and incorporated into the massage session. Every session is unique – just as every single moment is…

You can wear loose clothing or, if you would like to have your skin touched, you can undress down to your underwear. Parts of your body that are not being handled are then covered with a sheet or blanket.

Feeling safe, warm and cared for is the basis of a Trager massage and all attention is paid to this.

The massage sessions take place in silence. Sometimes I will encourage you to let go of your breath and breathe more deeply. The breath helps you to be in contact with yourself, to feel and perceive yourself; the breath is always here and now. It is in this very presence that the magic can unfold.

Conscious touch is a form of meditation, for the client as well as for the body therapist. The friendly, warm environment, the attentive hands of the therapist and their mindful attitude promote your relaxation and ensure a sense of well-being that goes beyond the usual experience of bodywork.

A massage session can be canceled up to 12 hours in advance, after which a fee will be charged.

60 minutes 90,- €
90 minutes 130,- €

Travel costs extra

Psychotherapeutic practice
Dr. Dr. Daniel Wagner
Richard-Wagner-Str. 40 40
50672 Cologne

Please ask for the address in Mainz

I am an artist with heart and soul. For me, painting is an expression of my existence and the mission of my world. Working with Udo Keuper helps me to stay centered and to counter the offers of the ego and this have-oriented world with creativity and joie de vivre.
Dirk Groß, artist

Udo’s sensitive way of touching and perceiving my body is extremely good for me. The sessions go deep and are relaxing to the bone. Afterwards I am usually a little tired and sleep deeply at night. The next few days are full of joy and energy. I am in good contact with myself. Highly recommended.
Samarpan P. Powels

„I felt perceived by your touch…“
Demi Moore, Sun Valley

„I had an impingement of the tendon in my left shoulder which made movement of my whole arm painful. The sessions that I had with Udo did wonders to relieve the pain and give me greater flexibility in movement. I find Udo’s work to be of the finest quality.“
Anam Hugh Smith
People in Process, Hamburg

Udo’s work is unique

He feels your body, gives it space and time and combines knowledge and intuition.

An invitation to be present and the opportunity for a liberating experience.

PD Dr. Dr. Daniel Wagner
Licensed psychological psychotherapist

A keen instinct

With a keen eye, a keen sense and his many years of experience with bodywork, Udo succeeds in creating a space in which my body intuitively seeks balance, goes into its own regeneration and I can return to my everyday life strengthened and with new impulses from the session.

Dorothe Schorn
Graduate psychologist, parenting and family counselor

How wonderful

Udo’s rebalancing massage is unique and healing. This has been my consistent experience over several years now.

In this very meditative massage, Udo’s hands intuitively find tensions, pain or blockages and give them what they need: Rebalancing.

Paul J. Kohtes Zen-Teacher, Author, Co-Founder of 7mind

Udo’s touch is very intuitive

This was so valuable for me as I tend to ignore pain and aches as they show up. His way of working with me was a gentle reminder to slow down.

I felt he understands the language of the body and effortlessly guided me into the spaces of release and relaxation.

Los Angeles

The essence of a session

Neuroplasticity, awareness and fascial balance

Being moved by the wave of Trager

Through gentle, wave-like movements, the entire body system is invited to let go down to its deepest layers – our nervous system can regulate itself.

The Trager method is a gentle physiotherapeutic form of massage in which physical and mental aspects are treated equally.

Rebalancing for inner harmony

Being in balance means enjoying a certain physical lightness, moving upright and freely.

By working deeply on the fasciae, we bring the body segments back into balance with each other.

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How I work with you

About me

After studying psychology and philosophy at UCC-Cork, I became aware of the limitations of conventional studies and felt a deep need to explore and experience alternative methods of personal growth and inner transformation – to ultimately combine the scientific with the intuitive.

Seminars with Stanley Krippner in the early 70’s were inspiring and helped me to gain more clarity. Moshe Feldenkrais made me realize in 1976 that I have a body – and how to translate this joy into dance. Frank Hatch gave me my first Rolfing session in 1976. Jack Painter showed me what a free and long breath is.

Intensive experience with bodywork over the last 38 years. During more than 12 years in India and Taiwan I had deep experiences and insights.

Training in bodywork, such as Rolfing (pre-training with Robert Schleip), rebalancing, Milton Trager Work and craniosacral bodywork. Intensive work in ARUN Conscious Touch with Anubuddha.

Individual acupuncture training in the Tung tradition with Master Netra Chou in Taiwan. He taught me in a ‘One to One’ training and taught me the dance of the needle.

1 year training in Spiritual Coaching with Dr. Klaus Peter Horn.

For over 20 years intensive practice, training and guidance of the Neo Zen (Awareness Intensive) (Who Am I ?) process. This koan practice is the core of my self-reflection and has a special influence on the quality of my touch, which is present and unintentional.

Bodywork in the USA, Sun Valley Idaho, with Demi Moore, Donna Karan and others; intensive acupuncture practice in the slums of Yerwada, Pune. Further travels and invitations in Switzerland, Italy, Ireland, Taiwan, Sweden, and since 2005 active in Germany.

Intensive collaboration with Paul J. Kohtes in “Zen for Leadership” seminars in Benediktushof and Düsseldorf.

Body therapy and the jaw

Rebalancing und der Kiefer – auf den präzisen Biss kommt es an
Artikel aus der Zahnfachärztlichen Zeitung ZfV

As we learn most easily through pleasant experiences, each massage develops from a compassionate interaction between you and me. Every movement and touch – which you experience lying comfortably on the treatment table – aims to convey how free your mind and body can be.

The session takes place in an unintentional, meditative state. As your mind and muscles relax, the impulses can be carried from the connective tissue to the cellular level. Independent of the nervous system, all sensations such as well-being, freedom and naturalness are stored in the body and brain through neuropeptides.

The individual treatment path is determined by your unique anatomy and what you feel. In the case of tension and restrictions, the touch becomes lighter and more exploratory. Old patterns, emotions and traumas can be released sustainably. You experience a free flow of movement and balance in your metabolism and hormone levels.

Above all, the most important thing for me is to give my clients a feeling of relaxation, lightness and welcome as soon as they enter; and it is equally fundamental for me that this continues throughout the entire session.

Getting back into the flow

There is no sensation, no feeling,
that does not lead to a muscular reaction of some kind.

Ken Dychtwald

When mind and body are at peace and calm,
we experience a state of feeling,
that reveals itself not only to ourselves
but also to those around us.

When we free the body,
the heart begins to open

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    Dhyan Udo Keuper gives carrying sessions and rebalancing

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    Dhyan Udo Keuper

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    You are the sky.
    Everything else –
    it is just the weather.
    Pema Chödrön